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Day 30 - Mental Health Awareness Month (You Matter!)

you matter and your life matters to me

Good morning and welcome back! It is a wonderful day and it is also the 30th day of Mental Health Awareness Month. I cannot believe how fast this month has flown by. Time is of the essence so let’s get to it.


I don’t know if you know this already, but you matter. I am not concerned with the fact that you and I have never met or that we may never meet. You matter and your life matters to me. I fear that there are way too many people in this world who do not know their worth or who feel as though they have no value. You are here for a purpose. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to figure out what that purpose is but your life has purpose. Life can sometimes feel unbearable and this is especially true if we don’t have a strong support system or when you are struggling with mental illness. You don’t have to go through this alone.


Now, I fully understand that  I cannot possibly talk to and offer support to every single person who may be feeling this way. If I could, I absolutely would try. However, this is my way of attempting to reach as many people as I can. I need you to know that things can and will get better. You may just need a little help right now to get you through this rough patch. I am encouraging you to do one of the bravest things you may ever do in life. Ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to recognize when you need help and to ask for that help.


If you are going through a tough time in your life and feel as though you are running out of options, please don’t give up on life. If you do not have someone in your life that you can turn to for help, there are trained professionals available 24/7. Call or text 988 and someone who also knows how much your life matters will be there to help.

You matter and you are loved because I love you!

Mental Health Awareness Month

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