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Day 18 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Nature)

you survived the week!

Congratulations! You survived the work week and that’s something to celebrate. Let’s celebrate by getting out and spending some time in nature. You’ve been cooped up all week, being a responsible human being at work, school, home, and all other places in between.

It is the 18th day of Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s also the perfect time to rest and rejuvenate. Nature provides the best setting to do so. Fresh air and the beautiful colors of spring have the power to enhance your mood. Simply being present, observing all the sights and sounds, will put your mind at ease.

Research has shown that spending time in nature can increase your energy, reduce depression, and boost your mood. You are literally a few minutes outside away from happiness.

May your Saturday be filled with sunshine, fresh air, birds chirping, and joy!

Mental Health Awareness Month

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