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Day 20 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Perception)

perception is reality!

Hello! It’s lovely to have you back with me today on this 20th day of Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s also Monday so it might be a good time to use your very own Jedi mind trick to start the week off on a positive note instead of starting it off from a place of existential dread. The key to this trick is perception.


A few days ago, someone used the phrase, “Perception is reality” while speaking with me in a meeting. I literally cringed. I have never been fond of this phrase…ever. If I had to guess, I’d say it is probably because I typically hear it used in the midst of conflict, when someone is arguing why their viewpoint is the only valid one.  However, when I heard it this time, I took a moment to pause after I cringed. I needed to understand why these three words had such an effect on me.


First, I had to reflect on why these words irritated me so much.  I quietly acknowledged that in some cases, just hearing the phrase instantly made me become defensive. Most likely this is because I despise conflict. Being a lawyer was never in my life’s plan because I do not like to argue.  I also don’t like hurting other people, especially if this happens in a case where I feel that my words or actions have been taken out of context or misinterpreted. The first part was easy enough but I still needed to further consider what the phrase “perception is reality” really means and why it can be so impactful.


Upon further examination, and a little to my chagrin,  I must concede that perception really is reality. Let me explain. Our perception, or how we interpret our thoughts and experiences, determines our reality, or what we believe to be true. What I mean is that regardless of what is actually happening in our life, it is how we perceive these things that will determine what becomes our reality.

Our perception has the power to influence our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, self-esteem, beliefs, opinions, decisions, and ultimately, our reality. In other words, we are what we think. Let that sink in as you conquer your Monday. Then, come back tomorrow so we can talk about how to use this newly discovered superpower to our advantage.

Mental Health Awareness Month

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