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Day 25 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Treat Yourself)


Good morning!! It’s finally Saturday and it’s also the 25th day of Mental Health Awareness Month. I hope you slept in because you’ve earned it. Now that you’re up, let’s get to it.


You deserve a treat today. Yes…I’m saying you should treat yourself. Oftentimes we wait until there’s a special occasion, perhaps it’s our birthday or another celebratory moment, that we allow ourselves to enjoy by treating ourselves to something nice. Maybe it’s an item we’ve been eyeing, like a fresh pair of sneakers for me. Or maybe it’s something small like a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream, boba, or a trip to the movies. Whatever it is, you’ve earned it.


Take time out today to reward yourself. You don’t need a special occasion. Time is precious and we must embrace the practice of appreciating the small victories just as much as the big ones.  This is your invitation to celebrate you and all that you’ve endured over the past 5 days. If you can’t think of something you’ve accomplished over this past week, celebrate the fact that you’re still here and you’re persevering. That is reason enough to celebrate. Also, go ahead and rejoice in advance for all the ways your next week will be even better than the one that just passed. You deserve it. May your Saturday be filled with sunshine, laughter, treats, and pure happiness. Enjoy!

Mental Health Awareness Month

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