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Day 9 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Yawn!)

Updated: 7 days ago

its friday eve!

It’s the 9th day of Mental Health Awareness Month but most importantly…it’s Friday Eve! At this point of your week, you are probably just a little bit tired.

Go ahead and yawn. Yawning doesn’t just happen because you are tired or bored but it actually has several benefits. It helps to keep you alert by bringing in more oxygen and cool air to help lower the temperature of the brain. Yawning also increases the flow of blood to your brain and can give a slight boost similar to what happens when we consume something containing caffeine. It can help with focus and attention.

So if you find yourself feeling a little tired, anxious, facing a problem, or another stressful situation, try faking a few yawns. This action will awaken a real yawn and hopefully you’ll get to reap the benefits.

Mental Health Awareness Month

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