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Day 8 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Depression)

Updated: 7 days ago

its the middle of the week!

It’s the middle of the week, or Hump Day as some people may still call it. By now, you’re starting to feel the weight of the week on your shoulders. It may have been a little bit harder to get up and going this morning but you did it. So, let’s do a mid-week check in on this 8th day of Mental Health Awareness Month.

How’s your hygiene? One of the earliest tell-tale signs of mood related mental health issues is a lapse in hygiene. Maybe there are more days between showers or you skipped brushing your teeth today. They seem like innocent things, and sometimes they simply are one-off occurrences.

However, when it becomes too hard to drag yourself into the shower or when brushing your teeth feels like a chore designed to rob you of all your strength, there may be a bigger issue at hand. Depression symptoms frequently masquerade as this type of fatigue. Everyday things like showering and brushing your teeth or even eating can start to feel “too”.

Too hard. Too heavy. Takes too long. Just too much. If something feels like it's “too” today, find someone to talk to who can help. A support person in your life might be the perfect option or I encourage you to find a licensed therapist. It’s never too late to ask for help.

Mental Health Awareness Month

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