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Day 6 - Mental Health Awareness Month (Perspective)

It's Monday, welcome back!

Welcome back on this glorious Monday and the 6th day of Mental Health Awareness Month. Some of you may not agree with the idea of Monday being “glorious”. Today, we shall aim to fake it until we make it. Monday gets a bad rap because it signifies the end of freedom. Whether you are a child or an adult, when Monday rolls around you must get back to business, either returning to the classroom or literally getting back to business at your job. The carefree playtime we enjoyed on the weekend is no more. Bedtimes, curfews, and daily routines show up to spoil the fun and it seems like there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Today, I encourage you to do something about Monday. Change your perspective. A simple shift in our outlook can do wonders for our mood. Instead of dreading the start of the week, perhaps we can look at Monday as the beginning of a five day stretch that will help us appreciate the wonders the following weekend may bring.

If you look hard enough (or if you know how to look at things), you may just find that there is something positive to be found in the experiences each day brings. Simply having something to look forward to can improve our mood. If we adjust our view of each day, find the beauty and positivity in it, and combine that with having something to look forward to on the next weekend, the possibilities are endless.  

Mental Health Awareness Month

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