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Welcome to Ensō Wellness!

Updated: May 23

A Safe Space for Healing and Growth

At Ensō Wellness, we believe that everyone deserves a safe and compassionate space to explore their inner world, heal from emotional wounds, and grow towards their fullest potential. Whether you’re seeking support for anxiety, depression, grief, or any other life challenge, we’re here to walk alongside you on your journey.

Meet Our Team

Our team brings expertise in trauma, anxiety, cultural identity, and many other issues that can impact one’s mental health. Meet our team of diverse, compassionate, and knowledgeable professionals who are interested in guiding you throughout your new journey.

Tomeki Davis, MS, NCC, LPC

As the owner and founder of Ensō Wellness, I am passionate about helping individuals navigate life’s challenges and find healing. With vast personal and professional experience, I specialize in providing compassionate and evidence-based counseling services through the use of an integrative and multimodal approach to treatment. My approach is collaborative, empowering clients to discover and harness their inner strengths and resilience.

Victoria Esnault-Brewer, Ed.S, MS, APC

Helping other people achieve their goals and grow beyond their starting point is a huge passion of mine. I approach therapy with compassion and understanding. I present as someone who believes in giving grace and respect to oneself the same way you would give it to others. I work from a solution-focused approach and utilize narrative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. You are the master and expert of your story, I’m here to listen, help you process and progress.

Kazia Cortel-Fraser, MS

My primary focus is helping my clients improve their overall well-being and establish a functioning way of life that suits them. I understand that my clients are the experts in their lives and that I am here to help walk beside them in this journey of life! I specialize in providing a safe place where clients can explore themselves while learning new skills for self-improvement. 

Dr. Ronella Gollman, LPC

I am passionate about providing evidenced-based therapeutic interventions to individuals faced with trauma, stress and emotional challenges. A combination of personal and professional experiences has emphasized my ability to meet individuals where they are to foster growth.

Sodiq Oladigbo, MSW

I'm committed to making a meaningful impact on people's lives through my work in social services and youth development. My journey began with a strong desire to support those in need, leading me to various roles where I've been able to advocate for others and provide guidance. Over the years, I've developed a skill set that allows me to tackle challenges with compassion, critical thinking, and effective communication.

Dr. Tiffany Rogers, APC

Each client comes to therapy with their own unique experiences and resources, and I am passionate about working together to discover clients’ strengths and highlighting their resiliencies. I work collaboratively with clients to help them navigate their pain and emerge with more insights and self-compassion, while still honoring their past experiences and holding hopeful space for their future. Additionally, I believe in the power of authenticity and self-acceptance, as well as how a strong, supportive therapeutic relationship can greatly contribute to client success.

our approach

Holistic Healing

At Ensō Wellness, we believe in treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Our evidence-based therapeutic approaches integrate Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, mindfulness practices, and somatic approaches. We honor cultural nuances and tailor our interventions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Client-Centered Care

Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We listen deeply, validate your experiences, and collaborate with you to set meaningful goals. At Ensō Wellness, our goal is to foster a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, empathy, and mutual respect.

services we offer

  • Individual Therapy: Explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a confidential setting.

  • Couples Counseling: Strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and deepen the connection between your partner and yourself.

  • Family Therapy: Navigate family dynamics, resolve conflicts, and foster understanding.

  • Grief Counseling: Process loss, find meaning, and honor your loved ones.

  • Anxiety and Stress Management: Learn coping strategies and build resilience.

  • ADHD Assessment and Support: Address attention challenges and learn strategies to enhance focus.

getting started

  1. Contact Us: Visit us on our website, give us a call, or simply schedule your initial consultation online. Our team of clinicians is available to discuss your needs and to help you determine if we are a good match for each other.

  2. First Session: During your first visit, we’ll explore your goals, assess your needs, and create a personalized treatment plan.

  3. Ongoing Support: Regular sessions will provide a safe space for growth, healing, and self-discovery.

insurance and fees

Your well-being is our priority, and we’ll work together to find a financial arrangement that suits your situation. We offer competitive self-pay rates. In addition, we have partnered with Mentaya to help our clients save money on therapy and submit reimbursement for out-of-network services.

let's begin your healing journey

We’re excited to welcome you to Ensō Wellness! Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Remember, you’re not alone—we’re here to support you every step of the way.


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